My Journey into My Daughter’s wedding Day- Hemant Gajarawala

Like a shapeless blob, you entered my world.
And to dethrone me from the heart I cherished
From a leading heartbeat to a deadbeat I became.
To witness and rejoice thy beauty I remain

Under the scorching sun,you became gentle stream;
Thru’ a mist, and dew, only to be amighty winding dream,
In lover’s arms, so vast, so serene, only to absolve,
Like a gardener I watch, you merged in the ocean.

Never learnd to say goodbye to you
You were never mine, only a watchman of the hue.
My melancholy gift has two unfrozen pearls in the pain,
One from churning heart, only to become Rene’s gain.

My second pearl, His gift of love within,
So my love and compassion can be yours within

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One Response to My Journey into My Daughter’s wedding Day- Hemant Gajarawala

  1. Ajit Kothari says:

    Dear Hemant,

    Congratulations on your debut into the literary world of publishers of own poetry. Now the rest of the world is “on” to the secret of your diverse talent from science and technology and business to literature and poetry!

    All the best and keep up the good work!


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