We all have to go one day

We all have to go one day. Why not make it easier for those we leave behind to deal with the procedures to be followed after us a little easier?
Whilst dealing with some of the ESM cases and others that I have seen I thought I should bring up a check list of what one should do well in time whilst we are in our full senses and mentally stable, before our Date of Expiry which we don’t really know.
All are welcome to pass on suggestions to make the list more comprehensive.


Make a WILL at the earliest. Points to note for making the will are as follows
 In the absence of a will, passing of legal title of properties (moveable and immovable) to the heirs becomes difficult. Contrary to the common misconception, drafting a will is very simple; frankly speaking it does not even call for any expert legal advice. You can draft and execute your own will by keeping the following points in your mind.
A will can be executed on a simple paper and it is not necessary to have any stamp paper or legal paper for the same. No legal jargon is required to prepare a will. In fact, it is desirable that the clear intention of the testator— that is the person making the will— can be understood in clear and simple language
Please remember that only the wealth accumulated by you can be willed. Any ancestral property must be distributed as per law.
• The most important thing in connection with the execution of a will is attestation of the will by two witnesses, who are present at the time of signature and the testator and who sign as witness to the will. It must be ensured that a person who is a beneficiary under the will does not sign as a witness.
• The testators should preferable sign each page of the will and if there are any corrections in the same, he should initial them in the margin. If there are too many corrections, it would be better to prepare a new will.
• A will is not required to be compulsorily registered. However, where it is apprehended that the genuineness of the will is likely to be challenged, it may be advisable to either consider notarization of the will before a notary public or registration of the same before the registrar. In such circumstances, it may, also be advisable to have the individual’s family doctor sign the will, certifying that he or she is of sound physical and mental health.
• Since the implementation of the will is to be effective upon the death of the individual, it would be necessary to appoint one or more executors under the will. The testator should try to appoint trusted persons as executors and clearly mention their names under the will authorizing them to act as executors. It is not necessary to have the executors sign the will.
• As mentioned here in above, if some points are required to be settled or corrected in the original will, a supplementary document of ‘‘codicil’’ can be prepared.
• It would be necessary of the ‘‘codicil’’ attached along with the will and keep the original document at a safe place and give necessary information in regard to the same to close family members or friends. It may also be advisable to give a copy of the will or ‘codicil’ to the executors for their reference.
• A hand written will is advisable.
ÿ Banks accounts
• All accounts should be Joint (E or S) including Pension account (Merely nominating a person will not ensure that the money goes to him as Nominee is merely the custodian of the money/property)
• Give a LTA certificate to Pension paying bank and send a receipted copy to PCDA Allahabad/concerned PCDA even if you have done it in the past. The LTA also has a facility for nominating more than one person and stating the 50%ages that would go to each.
ÿ Fixed Deposits and Shares • All should be in joint name E or S basis
ÿ Vehicles• These cannot be in joint name. You must include their disposal in the will.
ÿ Make a List of all your bank accounts/property/Shares/Fixed deposits/vehicles showing ownership and relevant details like Folio number etc.
ÿ Keep following documents properly preferably laminated after making a copy.
• Housing society share certificate
• LTA Nomination form (FORM B) placed below.
• Vehicle registration papers

ÿ Make a list of following documents showing the authorities to whom they are to be returned.
o Armed Forces Identity Card(Return to Issuing authority)
o DSSAB Card(Return to DSSAB)
o Ration Card if Military(Return to Station Hq)
o Canteen card(Return to Station Hq)
o ECHS Card(Return to ECHS regional Hq)
o Credit cards
ÿ Make a List of all bills that are paid and how the bills are paid.(Credit card/ECS or manual).Include the following bills
o Electricity
o Telephone
o Mobile
o Property Tax
o Insurance Premium Life and Mediclaim if any
o Bank Locker
o Club fees
ÿ If you have made an organ donation please make sure your family members know and where the card is kept.
ÿ Keep a note on how the club membership is to be transferred /surrendered.
ÿ ECHS procedures for hospitalization in MH/Empanelled/Non empanelled should be kept readily available to the family.
ÿ Telephone Number and contact details of IESM Member closest to the family or the convener and the IESM ECHS Volunteer who should be contacted.
Email Courtsey : Vilas Bhonde

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